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Our vision is to become the number one platform for those looking to create and sell courses. Even though we're creating new features and pushing updates every week, we're still in the beginning of our journey. To reward those joining Forento during our beta, we're offering not only heavily reduced prices (60-75% off) but also letting customers keep the same low price forever.

Get in early, save thousands of dollars and be a part of the journey of creating the world's best platform for online course creators.

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"It's at great platform with lot of good functions and user friendly. Best of all is the support! You get quick answers, and they are really keen to make a good job. I warmly recommend it."

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"It's fairly straightforward and simple to use whether you want to sell courses or just videos. It's the perfect service for anyone wanting to start selling courses or make money from videos. The support is up there with the best. It's clear they want the best for their customer and I'm excited to be in at the beta stage. Being able to request stuff is handy!"


Mindset mentor with focus on business growth

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"A great and simple to use tool. As a course creator one should be able to focus on the content and the course monetization process. Forento has all you need to organize your courses, simply define the pricing, manage your students and even set up a community."


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"Forento is a one stop shop for everything I need as course creator. Forento allows me to publish my courses, build web pages, engage with my community and offer exclusive memberships. Forento handles all annoying little details, everything just simply works. Giving me more time to focus on developing my online courses".


Medical doctor & e-learning specialist

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"It's been a great experience using Forento. They are rapid with implementations of feedback. After launching my course "Master 3d Modelling and Visualization From Scratch" I saw a sale the same day".


3D visualization artist

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"I recorded workout videos on my phone, and had them put together in a visually appealing course within a matter of minutes. Creating and selling courses on Forento has been great"

Benne Camp

Personal trainer & nutrition advisor

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