Turn your knowledge into a business

Build a community, sell courses & create a sustainable business around your passion. It's easy to use, but powerful when you need it.

Forento offers it all

Forento handles all technical hassles, to make sure that you can focus on creating great, valuable content for your students and followers. Create and sell courses & memberships, host webinars, do coaching calls with students and interact with your customers & followers through one simple dashboard.

Create and sell courses

Easily create courses in all formats imaginable, with easy to add interactive elements such as quizzes or mini-workshops.

Interact with your customers

Interact with your customers, students, and followers through our community tab - or host live webinars or do personalized coaching calls.

Optimize & advertise

Easily optimize certain parts of your customer funnel - and set up multichannel advertisements directly through Forento - with only a few clicks.

Landing page designer

Choose from one of many different landing page themes, and add your brand and touch to it with a few clicks. Add pages, blog articles, videos or whatever you feel like. And of course, you can also design your own page fully from scratch - for those a little more design savvy creators out there.

Create and sell courses & memberships

Through our easy to use course editor, you can add and create course material in any format imaginable, including interactive elements. Add videos, text blocks, quizzes or even mini-workshops to your course with a few clicks.

Analytics & reports

Get all the insight you need in order to fully understand your business and your customers. Grab visually beautiful reports of statistics of for instance: conversion rates, customer lifetime value, average order value, student progress, and many others.

Funnel optimization

Get the full visual presentation of when and where potential customers drop off your site. And get concrete and personalized tips on things to do in order to improve specific parts of your funnel.

Advertise directly through Forento

Creating ads has never been easier! We're soon launching our own ads manager to the Forento dashboard. Through this new feature, you can create profitable marketing campaigns that grow your business. Effectively run ads for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn simultaneously, through one easy-to-use dashboard.

Plans and Pricing


Start selling courses, memberships, and other digitial products. Host webinars, do coaching calls, and interact with your customers.


  • Your own customized website
  • Sell courses & memberships
  • Host webinars & coaching calls
  • 10% sales commission


Looking to scale your business? With Scaleup you can run advertising campaigns directly on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn.


  • Everything from Startup
  • Set up and manage advertising campaigns
  • In depth analytics
  • 4% sales commission